In Memory of Our Beloved Grandson Kole Clifford Hancock March 18, 2001- August 21, 2020


by - Posted 2 years ago

With Black Friday and Christmas around the corner I've found myself on Amazon, ALOT. I could honestly scroll through the pages for hours finding things that I didn't even know existed. My YouTube recommendations are FLOODING with "TikTok made me buy it" videos. Anyways if you want a couple ideas for some useful things to buy on Amazon I've compiled a short list below.


If you're like me and you're constantly taking down notes, you NEED this. Keep all your notes in one place with the Rocketbook, the grid notebook can be used endlessly by wiping it down with a damp cloth. You can also download the FREE RocketBook app to scan your notes and store them on your phone. The RocketBook comes with 1 Pilot Frixion pen and 1 Microfiber cloth.


I can't be the only one who hates room temperature water bottles right? As much as I'd love to throw all my water bottles in the fridge to keep them ice cold, I don't have the space for that. 
I came across this ice stick tray for water bottles and was honestly upset that I didn't invent this. Not only do the ice cubes fit perfectly into the lips of water bottles, they also fit in soda cans and beer bottles too!
This set comes with 4 easy pop out ice trays, so you can make 40 sticks at once!


This PopBabies battery powered USB blender is perfect for on-the-go mornings. Just leave the blender on the USB charger for atleast 3-5 hours and then you're ready to blend and go!
As someone who just started making protein shakes for meals this is a must-have! This product is equipped with the PopBabies 14oz blender, USB charger, and a FREE ice cube tray and funnel.


The Kodak mini portable photo printer has amazing photo quality and it easily pairs with your phone bluetooth for on the go printing. You can chose the retro bordered look or borderless.
This product comes with 1 Micro USB cable for charging, quick start guide, and the All-in-One cartridge with 8 photos.


My dad always told me that second trips to the car for groceries is for wimps, and he's right. I can't believe I have been living life without the mighty handle. The Mighty Handle is the easiest way to carry groceries and shopping bags. Just place your bags on the mighty handle, and you'll never have to worry about losing feeling in your fingers ever again.
This product comes with two Mighty Handles.